I love being alive and I will be the best man I possibly can.
— Duane Allman

Chad Land was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, California. His mother was a local country singer and began giving him vocal lessons starting at the age of five. In his childhood years, the Salinas river in Templeton was his backyard where he began writing original songs on a acoustic guitar.

After years of traveling off and on to perform and developing a strong fan base, Chad moved to Los Angeles to spend time recording. He worked in studios such as Sage and Sound, Gauge Studios, and more while performing shows at The Roxy, Viper room, and many other clubs along the Hollywood strip in his rock band The Axia. Over the years he met some Amazing Producers, Engineers and people in the industry that helped guide him to learning professional recording techniques. In 2018 Chad opened up a recording studio in his hometown and has been helping other artist record albums along with writing new music that he is currently submitting to Television adds, Radio, and Publishing companies.

Chad Land is available as a Solo artist, Duets and as a full Rock band. His original music adapts as well to small intimate venues, as it does to festival size audiences. Chad’s repertoire includes more than 100 well written original songs and over twenty years on stage experience as a singer/performer. His sound has been described as a one of a kind songwriter, putting a unique and signature twist on everything he writes as a artist.


Photographs courtesy of Michelle Torres-Grant Photography