I love being alive and I will be the best man I possibly can.
— Duane Allman

Chad Land was born and raised in San Luis Obispo. His mother, Michelle Marie, was a locally known country singer who started giving him music lessons at age 5. Chad’s childhood consisted of tagging along to gigs with his mother and learning about live sound, stage performance, and what truly makes a great entertainer.

He was a founding member of several groups including 00-Metro and Rain for Rent, along with friends Travis Warren (now of Blind Melon) and Tyson and Grant Leonard (now of Tropo). These groups recorded several albums together and fostered the individual growth of each member.

In 2005, Chad formed a heavy metal/hard rock band called The Axia, of which he was the lead singer and front man for almost a decade. The Axia gained a great local following and went on to tour and open for big name artists such as Ted Nugent, Drowning Pool, Filter, L.A. Guns, and many more. 

After years of traveling there to perform, Chad moved to Los Angeles to spend time recording. He worked in studios such as Sage and Sound, Gauge Studios, and Hollywood Records, learning recording techniques from some top engineers and producers.

He now performs locally as a solo artist, as a duo, and with a full band. His original music adapts as well to small, intimate venues as it does to festival audiences. Chad’s repertoire includes more than 100 original songs and 200 classic cover songs. 

In 2018, Chad proudly opened a new small business in San Luis Obispo to support our local talent. The One Stop Shop offers recording and merchandising services to local acts including producing original music, creating logos and artwork, pressing albums, and screen printing apparel. Chad brings over 20 years of experience in the music industry and a lifelong passion for art into every project. 


The Chad Land Band's current lineup features up-and-coming bassist Grant Gimer, world-traveled percussionist Keeth Crowhawk, and the amazing Aaron Porter on keys and accordion. Together, they are currently recording an acoustic/world rock album of original music due for release in 2018. 

Photographs courtesy of M. Torres-Grant Photography